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Everything in ONE Place!

As a member of The HorseNet, you’ll have everything in one place!

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Event Notifications and Flyer Calendar

Horse Health and Maintenance Records


Appointments and Milestones Tracking

Horse Performance Records and Tracking

Some of the Latest Members to join the Horse Net

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Dousman, WI 1

Laure D.

Kewaskum, WI 1

Wayne R.

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Becky H.

Ettrick , WI 2

Brian B.

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Andy C.

Elkhorn , WI 0

Do You Have an Upcoming Event?

Have you struggled to publicize your event using social media?

Let The HorseNet help you get your event noticed!  Event listings/flyers include details about the event, AND interactive map directions!  Premium members receive notifications about your event – and you’ll see who has added your event to their calendar!

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Find Local Businesses and Clubs

The HorseNet helps promote businesses and clubs!

Do You Have a horse related Business or Club?

  • Are you interested in attracting more business?
  • Are you looking for ways to promote your business or club?
  • Have you tried to use social media to promote your business or club with less-than-stellar results?

You can use the HorseNet business web page template to easily create a custom web page for your business.  If you currently have a web page, linking to The HorseNet will help improve your search engine optimization!

  • Non-profit club membership is free!  Contact The HorseNet (office@thehorsenet.com) to learn more.
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