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The Benefits of Joining

Get Access to All the Tools You Need

Do you go to several different sites, including social media to find events to go to?  Do you keep records for your horses in several different locations?  Do you struggle to keep track of your horses’ health events that occurred in the past?  Have you struggled to sell something related to horses, or search for something?

As a member of The HorseNet, you’ll have everything in one place!

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Event/Appointment Calendar & Notifications

Premium members have a calendar that tracks events and appointments in one place! Events that are “Liked” are automatically added to a member’s calendar. This means the event information/flyer and the interactive map directions are only a click away! Seamlessly schedule and stay on top of your horses’ appointments.

Horse Management & Tracking

Premium members can easily add a “page” for each horse to track that horse’s health management and performance records. In addition, the horse page includes a place to store images, or upload files (such as radio-graphs, health certificates and more)! Members can schedule automated reminders too! Using The HorseNet ensures that you’ll never lose track of these files! They’re securely stored for each individual horse!


Have you recently tried to sell an item using social media only to have your post cancelled, or struggle to find interest? The HorseNet offers a robust Marketplace that includes everything for the horse industry! Members can advertise items for sale, lease or in-search-of, including photographs for absolutely FREE! In addition, our Marketplace items are search-engine friendly!

Some of the Latest Members to join the Horse Net

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Do You Have an Upcoming Event?

Have you struggled to publicize your event using social media?  Let the horse community and members of The HorseNet know about your event using The HorseNet.  Event listings include details about the event, AND interactive map directions.  Premium members receive notifications about your event – and you’ll see who has added your event to their calendar!

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Find Local Businesses and Clubs

The HorseNet helps connect the horse community to local businesses!

Do You Have a horse related Business or Club?

Are you interested in getting more business?  Are you looking for ways to promote your business or club?  Have you tried to use social media to promote your business or club with less-than-stellar results?  The HorseNet helps promote businesses and clubs for the entire horse community!  If you have a business, or club you can easily create a business or club listing on The HorseNet.  You can use the HorseNet business web page template to easily create a custom web page for your business.  If you currently have a web page, linking to The HorseNet will help improve your search engine optimization.

  • Non-profit club membership is free!  Contact The HorseNet (office@thehorsenet.com) to learn more.
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